The old trees are the sky columns.
When you take down all of them, the firmament will come down over you!


From the legends of an ancient world


Mircea the Great’s stone

The story tells that a long time ago, while the ruler Mircea the Great was travelling through the Arges counties, he halted to the Inn house near the old Monastery in Trivale forest. He had come here in a hot summer in his first years of ruling and, coming to the inn, his soldiers tied their many horses to the tress around. They say that only Mircea’s horse was not staked to a tree because he had remained on the back of the horse giving orders to organise the troop.

Looking for a solution, Mircea laid his eyes on a big and round stone, as a globe, situated in a gill close by. He ordered his soldiers to get down to the gill and bring the respective stone in the Inn’s yard for the ruler to stake his horse to it.

The blacksmith who was checking the horseshoes introduced an iron loop into the stone and since then, every time he came to the inn, Mircea the Great would stake his horse to that stone which remained as an emblem here, at Cornul Vanatorului.


The royal hunting

And the Romanian ruler together with his soldiers spend an unforgettable evening at the Inn house near the Monastery and enjoyed themselves and forgot about their concerns. The boyars of Pitesti planned a hunting trip for the next day to honour the passage of Mircea the Great on the Arges lands.

The hunt was fruitful, the group hunted many dears and boars but at one moment Mircea the Ruler met what would be the climax of this hunt in the Arges woods. From the animals banished from the woods, a huge deer came out, a rare specimen, and a king of the copper woods. The whole hunting group was amazed at the sight of such a marvelous appearance.

For the first time, two kings were meeting here in the woods: a king of nature and a king of the Wallachian people. The whole group seemed petrified and was waiting for gesture of the ruler. But his arm holding the bow slipped easily toward his hip near his horse saddle which also remained as petrified on its four legs, and Mircea ordered:
– Give me the horn, the hunter’s horn!

He tooted the withdrawal turning his horse back on the alley towards the inn. The others followed him in silence, affected by the grandeur of the moment they had just experienced. The ruler watched with piety the horn that the hunters were tooting, rolled it in his hand, touching it carefully and thought:
– This is indeed a royal hunting!

At the inn, he asked that his wine was poured in the horn made up from a long and shiny bone, nailed with silvery brims and drank, saying that from now on, the inn should be called Cornul Vanatorului [the hunter’s horn].

And from that moment on, Cornul Vanatorului has proudly borne that royal name!


The legend bunds with history around 1960-1970. We know for sure that the old inn is changed during such period into a restaurant that should not ruin the aspect of the forest and should come under the landscape, as an honor brought to the great hunter Mitica Georgescu..

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