Banner_mic_Ciuleandra   The Ciuleandra Saloon with a seating capacity of 60 seats is set up in a rustic style specific to the mountain area. Accompanied by the fire place , the faultless serving, the delicious food and the live music offered by “Inedit” band, you will certainly feel “as safe as home” and you will come back willingly every time.
salon_rendezvous_mic   The Rendez-Vous Saloon is a stylish 35-seat saloon where our clients can admire the panoramic view of the summer garden of the Cornul Vanatorului tourist complex situated in Trivale Forest. We wish to offer “a quiet moment” in a relaxing and benevolent atmosphere. This saloon is fit for private parties (anniversaries, birth days).
  The Belvedere Saloon has a seating capacity of 145 seats. Being located at the last floor, it offers a beautiful view over the Trivale Forest and the whole complex, being preferred by the clients who want to be “at their best” for the organization of different events: weddings, baptism/confirmation parties, graduation banquets, balls and reception balls.
Salon_Business   The Business Class Saloon hosts business meetings for a few persons, meals organized on such theme, our personnel being professional and offering quality services. The saloon has a 60 seats capacity.
timbru_monden   The Monden Saloon is the first and the most requested of the saloons of our restaurant, with the highest seating capacity (450). There are many events taking place here, such as wedding parties, baptism/ confirmation parties, and also balls, parties, New Year parties, symposiums and TV shows. Its organization and its display on two floors offer an ideal perspective over the main issue of each event.
timbru_oval   The Oval Saloon hosts most of the baptism/confirmation parties, birth days, celebrations, reunions, sports events viewing of our restaurant, due to its 120-person capacity and to its organization. Also, the terrace opening is an advantage for the parties taking place in the summer season.
Banner_mic_Regal   The Royal Saloon. Just like the name we granted to this restaurant saloon, here we organize the most special events, within a royal atmosphere, and it is perfect for those who want to think out of the box. The saloon organization, for 250 persons, offers the possibility to set up the seats as preferred. That is why it is the best for wedding parties, but it is also requested for symposiums, team buildings and press conferences.
SVanatoresc   The Hunting Saloon is the perfect place for those who want to celebrate different occasions in a scenery on this theme, with a 80-seat capacity, the Trivale forest being the key element of the area.

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